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Dog Bark Training Whistle Key Chain


Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green

Dimension: 3.14*0.31 Inch 

Net Weight: 30g

A dog training whistle can be an effective tool for teaching your dog to follow your commands, such as calling him to you, sitting or going in a new direction.

The whistle can produce an ultra sonic sound that is easier for dogs to hear. It takes a little bit of time, patience and practice, but your dog will learn to obey you through various 

whistle commands.

1. Adjust the pitch & blow the whistle to your dog. Even dogs can not hear all frequencies. Wait until he is asleep and gently blow on the whistle. Your whistle has a nut and screw that adjust the frequency when turned. Continue testing until your dog perks up. You will then know you have reached a frequency he can hear.
2. Use the dog whistle with varying sequences to train your dog. For example, one long burst can mean  come , while a series of short, staccato bursts might mean  sit.
3. Keep your whistle commands consistent and your dog will always know what you expect of him. The dog s behavior according to your instruction need to be trained. Such as, at meal time, blow on the whistle before they get the food. It will only take a few times of doing this and your dog will react quickly.


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