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Dog Jeans Dress


Material: 100% Cotton

Sizes : 

Size XS          Back Length 25cm/9.84"      Neck 25cm/9.84"      Chest 24cm/9.45"
Size S            Back Length 27cm/10.6"      Neck 28cm/11.0"      Chest 28cm/11.0"
Size M           Back Length 31cm/12.2"      Neck 30cm/11.8"      Chest 34cm/13.4"
Size L            Back Length 33cm/13.0"      Neck 36cm/14.2"      Chest 35cm/13.8"
Size XL          Back Length 38cm/15.0"      Neck 38cm/15.0"      Chest 42cm/16.5"

Dogs Bow Suit T-Shirt





Size        Back              Neck                Bust 

XS     8.27"/21CM      7.87"/20CM      11.42"/29CM

S      9.06"/23CM      9.06"/23CM      12.99"/33CM

M      10.24"/26CM      11.02"/28CM      15.35"/39CM

L      11.81"/30CM      12.60"/32CM      17.32"/44CM

XL    13.39"/34CM      14.17"/36CM      19.69"/50CM

XXL    15.75"/40CM      15.75"/40CM      21.65"/55CM

Dogs Checkered T- SHIRT


Material: 100% Cotton

Size                Neck                 Back Length                Chest

S                20cm/7.87"             25cm/9.84"              29cm/11.4"

M                24cm/9.45"            27cm/10.6"              32cm/12.6"

L                 30cm/11.8"            32cm/12.6"              39cm/15.4"

XL               36cm/14.2"            38cm/14.9"              44cm/17.3"

XXL             39cm/15.4"            40cm/15.7"              50cm/19.7"

Dogs Winter Warm Vest


Material: 100% Cotton

Material: Nylon, cotton

Package: 1 X Dog Soft/Vest Harness

Size    Neck (cm/inch)  Back Length(cm/inch)   Chest(cm/inch)

XS      18/ 7.09''           20/7.87''                          30/ 11.81''   

S         23/9.05''           25/9.84''                           34/ 13.38''     

M        29/11.42''          31/ 12.20''                         42/ 16.53''   

L        34/13.38''           35/13.78''                          46/18.11''

Outdoor Pet Dogs & Cats Carrier


Material: Polyester

Pattern: Stripe / Leopard Print / Camouflage (Optional)
Size: XL / L / M /S(Optional)


Size Total Length Chest Legs Interval of Left and Right Legs Interval for Front and Back Suitable Weight for Pet

S        30cm         46cm 5cm                 6cm               0-2.5kg               0.182kg

M     34cm            54cm 5cm                14cm              2.5-4kg                 0.215kg

L       38cm           62cm 5cm                16cm                4-7kg                  0.238kg

XL 42cm              70cm 5cm                19cm                7-10kg                0.252kg

Striped Dogs T-Shirt


Material: 100% Cotton

Size               Back                    Chest               Neck

S            25cm/9.84inch       34cm/13.39inch      22cm/8.66inch

M           27cm/10.63inch     36cm/14.17inch      28cm/11.02inch

L            32cm/12.60inch     38cm/14.96inch      30cm/11.81inch
XL          35cm/13.79inch    44cm/17.32inch      34cm/13.39inch
XXL       40cm/15.75inch    48cm/18.90inch      36cm/14.17inch

Winter Warm Snowflake Both Sides Coat


Material:  Cotton

Colors: Red, Brown

Weight: 100g-205g (approx)

Sizes: XS/S/M/L/XL

Note: The XS-XXL size is just for reference ,pls check the specific Length and Chest .thanks!(1inch=2.54cm)

Size             Neck                Back Length             Chest
XS          21cm/8.26"           16cm/6.29"             29cm/11.41"
S            23cm/9.05"           18cm/7.08"             31cm/12.20"
M           27cm/10.62"          25cm/9.84"             38cm/14.96"
L            29cm/11.41"          30cm/11.81"           41cm/16.14"
XL          36cm/14.17"          37cm/14.56"           48cm/18.89"



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