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"I Give Free Kisses" Dog & Cat Shirts


Material: 100% Cotton

Type: Shirt

Color: as Picture Show

Size: XS,S,M,L

All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be 2-3cm deviations,thanks for your understanding.


Size    Back length                  Bust                    Nect    

XS      19cm/7.48"             31cm/12.2"            20cm/7.87

S         23cm/9.06"            35cm/13.78"          22cm/8.66

M        30cm/11.81"          42cm/16.54"          26cm/10.24

L         36cm/14.17"          47cm/18.5"             36cm/14.17"



"I Hunt With The Big Dogs" T-Shirt For Cats & Dogs


Material: 100% Cotton Blend

Sizes: XS, S, M, L

Size Details:



Back length



















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"Okay, Okay" Warm Dog Sweatshirt


Material: 100% Cotton

Size Details:














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10PCS !!!! Adjustable Bow tie Multi Colors for Dogs & Cats


Material: Polyester
Bow knot length: 10.5cm
Neck length: 45cm (adjustable)
Quantity: 10pcs
Color: send by random

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10pcs High Quality Mixed Colors Bow For Cats & Dogs


Material : Fiber

Unit Type: lot (10 pieces/lot)


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2pcs/set "I love my dog,I love my owner" Heart Charm Necklace And Collar Keychain


Material Type: Zinc Alloy
Pendant Size: 2.0*2.0cm
Color: Gold, silver

2pcs/set BFF Heart & Paw Charm Necklace And Collar Dog Keychain


Necklace Type: Pendant Necklaces
Pendant Size: 2.0*2.1cm
Color: Gold,silver
Material: Zinc alloy, Rhinestone

3 Black/White Dogs Leather Standing


Material: PVC Leather

Small Dog:

Body Length: 9.05 Inch 

Height :7.48 inch


Medium Dog:

Body Length: 11.02 Inch 

Height :9.84 inch


Large Dog:

Body Length: 13.7 Inch 

Height :11.02 inch


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3.2 Yards High Quality Luxury Gold/Silver Dog Leash


Material: Plastic
Color: Gold,Silver
Length: 3m
Weight: 300 g
Specification: 20kg


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5M Retractable Camouflage Style Dog Leash with LED



Size: 5 Meters Length 

Color: Camouflage

Product Features:


The new environmental protection ABS material, health care

Super LED Flashlight (9LED), safe travel at night. 

The high-grade TPE grip, non-slip comfort. 

High-quality product design, elegant appearance, comfort grip.

The quality spring core contraction stable and durable.

Anchor Striped Shirt For Dogs & Cats


Material: 100% Cotton

Suitable for:small dog


Attention:As different computers display colors differently, the color of the actual item may vary slightly from the above images, thanks for your understanding.

All dimensions are measured by hand, there may be 2-3cm deviations,thanks for your understanding


Size Details:


Size Neck Back Length Bust
XS 20cm/7.87" 20cm/10.24" 30cm/11.81"
S 23cm/9.06" 25cm/9.84" 34cm/13.39"
M 26cm/10.24" 30cm/11.81"  40cm/15.75"
L 30cm/11.81" 35cm/13.78" 46cm/18.11"


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Army Sweatshirt for Dogs


Material:100% Cotton 

Very High Quality 100% Cotton Material Very Comfortable.

The soft handle and good vision made this shirt excellent. You puppy must love it for the comfortable feeling to wearing it.


Size Details:

Size    Back Length Neck       Chest
XS 16cm/6.3" 22cm/8.7" 29cm/11.4"
S 18cm/7.1" 26cm/10.2" 34cm/13.4"
M 22cm/8.7" 29cm/11.4" 42cm/16.5"
L 28cm/11.1" 37cm/14.6" 45cm/17.7"


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Breathable Dog / Cat Travel Bag


Fitable Weight: 10kg / 22lb

Thick cotton material manufacturing, very warm, a large opening designed to allow pets head revealed to watch the scenery outside, breathe fresh air. Bag hook inside the bag to hook the pets collar and prevent pet jump out. Cotton strap resistance, heavy and strong, easy to use and comfortable.

Suitable to accommodate small and medium-sized dogs and cats.


Outside Size:

Length x Width x Height


S       33x16x21CM /  13x6.29x 8.26IN


M     35x18x25CM / 13.77x7.08x9.84IN


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Cat/ Dog Skull Bones Black T-Shirt




XS       Chest 28-32cm, Body Length 18-22cm,Neck 19-21cm

S         Chest 36-40cm, Body Length 23-27cm ,Neck 22-24cm

M       Chest 40-44cm, Body Length 28-32cm,Neck 25-27cm

L        Chest 44-48cm, Body Length 33-37cm ,Neck 28-30cm

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Cat/Dog Soft "Fur House"


Wash Style: Hand Wash
Weight: 220g


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Christmas Ruff T-Shirt For Dogs & Cats


Material: 100% Cotton

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Crystal Skull Necklace Dog & Cat Collar



Material: Flocking Leather

Bling rhinestone Cat Collar

Soft velvet material with elastic safety belt

Size  S: Adjustable Chest: 18.23.5cm ,Total length:28cm

Size M: Adjustable Chest: 21.5-27.5cm ,Total length:32cm

Design Outdoor Waterproof Dog Cotton Shoes



Special waterproof coating, safe and sound, waterproof, anti-skid, easy to clean,

High socks, easy to clean, color stripes, strong sense of color, beautiful and practical





Size stocking sole width  stocking sole length  stocking ring width   stocking height 

0#    1.10"2.8CM            1.38"3.5CM                0.91"2.3CM             2.95"7.5CM

1#    1.26"3.2CM            1.54"3.9CM                0.98"2.5CM             3.15"8CM

2#    1.46"3.7CM            1.77"4.5CM                1.10"2.8CM             3.74"9.5CM

3#    1.69"4.3CM             2.05"5.2CM               1.18"3CM                4.33"11CM

4#    1.97"5CM                2.36"6CM                  1.38"3.5CM             5.51"14CM

5#    2.20"5.6CM             2.68"6.8CM               1.57"4CM                5.91"15CM

6#    2.76"7CM                3.15"8CM                  1.77"4.5CM            6.30"16CM

Dog & Cat Bone Chew Toy

$8.00 $2.99



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Dog & Cat Hair Remover


Material: Plastic

Total length: 20cm

Color: blue, red, purple

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Dog & Cat softest Bed


Unique design, stylish and warm 

Color: Grey, Orange, Wine Red, Green 

Material: Polar Fleece 

Size: S: 380mm x 480mm 

       M: 480mm x 580 mm 

       L: 580 mm x 680 mm


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Dog / Cat Sweatshirt Fleece


Material: 100% Cotton
Package Weight: 65 - 74 g (Approx)
Size               Neck                Back Length              Chest 
XS           15cm /5.91"            20cm /7.87"            26cm /10.2"
S             18cm /7.09"            25cm /9.84"            33cm /13.0"
M            25cm /9.84"            30cm /11.8"            40cm /15.7"
L             30cm /11.8"            34cm /11.4"            44cm /17.3"


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Dog / Cat Coat Dress


Size: S, M, L, XL
Materia: woolen
Note: Compare the detail sizes with yours, please allow 2-3 CM differs due to manual measurement.

Shopping Notes: Before you buy our products, please measure the size of your pet, and then refer to our table size. Based on our past experience, we suggest you\'d better choose a size 2cm bigger than your pet\'s size, so your pet will feel very comfortable.

Size Neck(CM/Inch) Chest (CM/Inch) Body(CM/Inch)
XS 21cm/8.2Inch 30cm/11.8Inch 20cm/7.87Inch
S 24cm/9.4 Inch 36cm/14.2 Inch 23cm/9.1 Inch
M 28cm/11.0 Inch 42cm/16.5 Inch 27cm/10.6 Inch
L 32cm/12.6 Inch 48cm/18.9 Inch 31cm/12.2 Inch
XL 36cm/14.2 Inch 53cm/ 20.9 Inch 35cm/13.8 Inch


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Dog / Cats Winter Hooded Coat


Material: Wool Blend
Season: Spring,Autumn,Winter
Color: Khaki,Pink
Weight: 120g-265g
Size: Asia XS/S/M/L/XL
Note: The XS-XL size is just for reference ,pls check the specific Length and Chest . thanks!(1 inch=2.54cm)
Size          Back Length            Chest                  Neck
S               24cm/9.45"         35cm/13.8"           24cm/9.45"
M              30cm/11.8"          41cm/16.14"         28cm/11.0"
L               34cm/13.4"         49cm/19.3"           30cm/11.8"
XL            39cm/15.4”          55cm/21.6"           35cm/13.7"


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Dog Chew & Tooth Cleaning Training Ball



Fit for Small /Medium Breeds
Great for retrieving games



 Rope Length


 5.6cm ( 2")

 22cm ( 8")


 6.5cm ( 2.5")

 22cm ( 8")


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Dog Christmas Santa Claus Costume


Material: Wool

Size: S / M / L(optional)
S: Neck: 24cm Chest: 36cm Back: 23cm
M: Neck: 28cm Chest: 42cm Back: 27cm
L: Neck: 32cm Chest: 48cm Back: 31cm
Item Weight: 110g / 3.9oz
Package Size: 33 * 25 * 2cm / 13 * 9.8 * 0.8in
Package Weight: 114g / 4.1oz

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Dog Cool Fleece Vest


Material: 100% Cotton

Material: Fleece+ Polyester
Season: Spring,Autumn,Winter
Color: Red, Black, Blue, Brown, Orange, Beige , Pink
Weight: 55g-195g
Note: The XS-XXXL size is just for reference ,pls check the specific Length and Chest .thanks!(1inch=2.54cm)
Size          Back Length            Chest                  Neck
XS             20cm/7.87"         26cm/10.2"          18cm/7.08"
S               24cm/9.45"         35cm/13.8"           24cm/9.45"
M              30cm/11.8"         40cm/15.7"           28cm/11.0"
L               34cm/13.4"         49cm/19.3"           30cm/11.8"
XL            39cm/15.4”          55cm/21.6"           35cm/13.7"
XXL          44cm/17.3"          62cm/24.4"           40cm/15.7"
XXXL        49cm/19.3"          66cm/26.0"           44cm/17.3"

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Dog Jeans Dress


Material: 100% Cotton

Sizes : 

Size XS          Back Length 25cm/9.84"      Neck 25cm/9.84"      Chest 24cm/9.45"
Size S            Back Length 27cm/10.6"      Neck 28cm/11.0"      Chest 28cm/11.0"
Size M           Back Length 31cm/12.2"      Neck 30cm/11.8"      Chest 34cm/13.4"
Size L            Back Length 33cm/13.0"      Neck 36cm/14.2"      Chest 35cm/13.8"
Size XL          Back Length 38cm/15.0"      Neck 38cm/15.0"      Chest 42cm/16.5"

Dog Jeans Jacket


Fabric: washed durable cotton denim
Retro Jeans Jacket style, lapel collar, Button closure design,easy to put on and take off
With many cool and vintage elements: rough selvage, holes, epaulet, etc.
Both fit for winter, spring, summer and automn.

Specification: XS S M L XL XXL

XS back length 18cm/7.09inch ,Chest 32cm/12.6inch#10=S back length 20cm/7.87inch ,Chest 36cm/14.17inch#12=M back length 24cm/9.45inch ,Chest 42cm/16.54inch#14=L back length 28cm/11.02inch ,Chest 46cm/18.11inch#16=XL back length 34cm/13.39inch ,Chest 52cm/20.47inch#18=XXL back length 38cm/14.96inch ,Chest 56cm/22.05inch


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Dog Sailor Dresses



Material: Cotton

Color: Black

Size:  S, M, L,XL

Size        Neck               Chest               Back Length

S         9.45"/24cm      13.39"/34cm      9.84"/25cm

M       11.02"/28cm      14.17"/36cm     11.81"/30cm

L        12.60"/32cm     16.54"/42cm      13.78"/35cm

XL      13.39"/34cm     18.11"/46cm     15.75"/40cm 


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Dog Soft Fleece Pet Costume


Material: Fleece

Available in size XS-XL.

Size XS : Chest about:30cm  Length about :20cm Suitable for the Pet about 2kg~4kg

Size S : Chest about:38cm  Length about :25cm Suitable for the Pet about 4kg~6kg

Size M : Chest about:42cm  Length about :30cm Suitable for the Pet about 6kg~8kg

Size L : Chest about:46cm  Length about :35cm Suitable for the Pet about 8kg~10kg

Size XL : Chest about:54cm  Length about :40cm Suitable for the Pet about 10kg~12kg


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Dog Stripe and Pink Dresses


Material: 100% Cotton


Material: Cotton

Color: Pink,Purper

Size: XS, S, M, L

Size        Neck               Chest               Back Length

XS       7.09"/18cm    10.24"/26cm       7.87"/20cm

S         7.87"20cm     11.81"/30cm       9.84"/25cm

M       8.66"/22cm     14.17"/36cm        11.81"/30cm

L        9.45"/24cm     15.75"/40cm      13.78"/35cm


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